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Midtown Walking Tour
( Question? Call:  (855) 303-8353 )

This amazing tour starts at world famous and always illuminated Times Square where you will explore the Theater District, enjoy giant digital advertisements and see some celebrity hangouts. You will then head east to check out Rockefeller Center, marveling at its murals, statues and TV studios ( Saturday Night live, Good morning America, Conan O’brien). You will have your photo taken in front of Radio City, the biggest theater in New York City! Just across the avenue, you will discover what makes the Cathedral of Saint Patrick the masterpiece that it’s known to be and will stop inside for photos before stepping onto Madison Avenue, along the district for advertising and public relations; now where the best menswear shops are located. Finally, you’ll have 30 minutes in the century old Grand Central Terminal, where you will see the Whispering Galleries, the zodiac ceiling and one of the largest rooms in the world.

Tour Schedules:
City Walking Tour is available daily for parties of 3 or more with a 48 hr notice. For one or two persons, please call 855-303-8353 and we will gladly match you with one of our daily tours.

Midtown Walking Tour
( Question? Call:  (855) 303-8353 )

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